Alternative Systems, Inc.
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Custom Molding

Alternative Systems, Inc. is your single source for quality open cast molding. We have extensive experience in the use of polyurethane resins, polyester resins, and silicone rubber. Using this variety of material's, we can produce molded parts to satisfy a range of applications. Several filler options are available, allowing us to modify the materials chemistry and achieve the results you require.
We also manufacture molds, using materials that are compatible with your selected chemistry; aluminum, steel, plastic, polyurethane, foam, silicone, and wood molds, we make them all. Order size can be from a single piece to several thousand pieces, or any quantity in between.

Image of carwash rollers.

  • Molded Parts
  • Machine Linings
  • Manufacturing Applications
  • Architectural Restoration
  • Replication & Modeling
  • Fixtures & Tooling
  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Arts and Crafts

Phone: (269) 384-2008 • Fax: (269) 384-2013 • • 5519 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49048